Join Applicants From:

Join Applicants From…

APPLY TO ATTEND the 2020 conference


Why the application form? Ai4 Cybersecurity isn’t a massive 30,000-person trade show. We curate an intimate experience for 350 cybersecurity professionals to guarantee valuable connections.

Ideal candidates meet the following criteria:

  • Employed as a cybersecurity professional
  • Working at an established organization
  • Holding a senior-level position and/or technical role

What happens after I’m approved? Upon approval, you’ll receive a link to our private registration page where you can purchase your conference pass.


With increasing data can come increasing confusion. Our goal at Ai4 is to bridge the knowledge gap by providing professionals and practitioners with the resources they need to make key business-shaping decisions in a rapidly changing world. Our organization began hosting technology focused events in 2016 with the launch of the bi-coastal event series Worlds Fair Nano. Through Worlds Fair Nano and Ai4 events, we have connected 20,000 individuals to the future and counting.