Gain key insights into how artificial intelligence is being implemented at the world’s most successful organizations. With tracks available for both our business and technical audiences, there will be a talk for everyone, no matter your skill level.

Organizational Change

Hear how top executives are driving change within the enterprise to make any company an AI powered company. The following use cases will be covered…

  • Strategic Business Problem Solving With AI
  • Training Versus Hiring Talent
  • Organizational Charts and Workflows
  • External Partnerships
  • Getting Buy In
  • Scaling AI efforts
  • Measuring ROI
  • Adapting AI Efforts to Meet Regulatory Requirements
  • AI Best Practices
Applied AI

Don’t miss presentations from top business leaders at the world’s largest companies covering the most impactful use cases of AI in enterprise settings. The following use cases will be covered…

  • Automation & Increasing Workforce Efficiency
  • Personalized Approaches to Marketing, Customer Experiences, & Product Development
  • Internet of Things – AI Powered Hardware
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Enhanced Cybersecurity & AI
The AI Lifecycle

Hear from technical leaders at the world’s top companies, specifically designed for our data science community to expand their AI toolkit. The following use cases will be covered…

  • Challenges Facing Enterprise Data Science Teams
  • Scoping Your Data Science Project
  • Data Collection, Preparation & Governance
  • Model Implementation & Training
  • Model Evaluation & Tuning
  • Model Deployment