Health & Safety

To make sure we all stay safe at the Ai4 2022 Finance Summit, view our policies for Covid-19 prevention and preparedness below.


Vaccination Requirements

In accordance with New York City policy, all attendees, exhibitors, speakers, press, vendors, & event staff will be required to show proof of vaccination in order to enter the event.

Confirming your Vaccination Status

There will be no uploading of vaccine documents required. When you arrive to the event, simply present…
1) Government issued photo ID
2) Record of COVID-19 Vaccination

Acceptable vaccination records include a) physical copy or photo of your vaccination card/record, or b) a digital record from a smartphone application. Only fully vaccinated individuals, as defined by the CDC, will be allowed to enter the conference.

Mask Requirements

Currently, masks will not be required since all guests are vaccinated.

Facts about the Venue

Hand sanitizers will be available at key points within the conference space. Room occupancy has been reduced to allow for more distancing of guests. To find out more about our venue’s standards, please visit their Covid-19 update page.


All policies above are subject to change. Since the COVID-19 landscape is ever-changing, we will make announcements via email and on our website here if we receive any new information.