This year, we’re offering distinct tracks to differentiate between technical and non-technical discussions. We have eight tracks in total. See below to see which tracks best fits your interests and goals.

Business Tracks

Get high-level business insights. These four tracks were designed for attendees holding non-technical roles. Most talks during this track will be in a shorter 30-minute format. No technical expertise required. Hear topics including…

  • Understanding AI Capabilities
  • Top Use Cases For AI & ML
  • Scoping Your Project
  • Automation vs Augmentation
  • Compliance & AI
  • Infrastructure Needs
  • Building vs Buying
  • Pilot Programs & PoCs
  • Building Your Data Science Team
  • ROI & Measuring Success
  • And More!

Hear how the country’s largest health systems and insurance companies are leveraging AI. Topics covered will include electronic health records, case prioritization, diagnosis & prescription, imaging insights, insurance fraud, and more!

This track was designed for attendees working in life sciences. Topics covered will include how AI is being leveraged for drug discovery, pricing & risk, electronic health record data, and more!

In this track, learn how medical device companies are leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to create the next generation of smart medical devices from sensor data.

Explore the cutting edge of medical technology and hear how AI-first medtech startups are changing the game. In a series of rapid-fire talks, the founders and CEOs of small to mid-sized startups will presents what’s next for the industry.