A major part of any great conference experience is the people you meet. This application helps ensure that you form valuable relationships.

Before filling out the application, confirm you meet the following criteria:

  • Employed in the healthcare industry
  • Working at an established organization*
  • Holding a senior-level position

Please complete the form below for our selection committee to review**. The early registration fee to attend Ai4 Healthcare is $599. Thank you for applying!

*A limited number of spots will be reserved for active VCs and best in class healthcare startups
**The deadline to submit an application is October 30th, 2018


With increasing data can come increasing confusion. Our goal at Ai4 is to bridge the knowledge gap by providing professionals and practitioners with the resources they need to make key business-shaping decisions in a rapidly changing world. Our organization began hosting technology focused events in 2016 with the launch of the bi-coastal event series Worlds Fair Nano. Through Worlds Fair Nano, and other technology focused events, we have connected 20,000 individuals to the future and counting.