Big data is at the center of the AI revolution. As deep learning and GPU processors replace legacy approaches, your data demands a next-gen storage solution that can drive time-to-insight. Pure Storage empowers innovators to drive better customer experiences, new business models, faster innovation and time-to-market, and higher productivity-driven results. In an always-on world, people and machines expect constant connectivity and immediate results. Wait time is wasted time. Empowering your organization with a data-centric architecture featuring on-demand services and policy-based automation accelerates DevOps roadmaps and simplifies data consumption. Real world AI starts here.

dotData’s end-to-end data science automation platform accelerates, democratizes, and operationalizes the entire data science process with AI / ML. In the traditional data science process, it can take months between identifying a use case to getting pipelines into production. Plus, it requires extensive effort from valuable and skilled – but scarce – resources. By automating the manual processes within data science, the AI-powered dotData Platform enables your team to execute complex data science projects with speed, and at scale, minimizing time for results.


Accelerate your business with Microsoft AI.  Microsoft AI drives innovation and we believe that, when designed with people at the center, AI can extend your capabilities, free you up for more creative and strategic endeavors, and help you or your organization achieve more.  Microsoft is committed to helping organizations lead business with confidence with AI through AI platform, Intelligent applications, and AI for business.  Learn how to strategically apply AI in your business, shape an AI strategy, foster an AI culture, and implement AI responsibly.


With a mission to safeguard organizations, people and the environment, ERI is the largest fully integrated IT and electronics asset disposition provider and cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction company in the United States, and possibly the world.


Secure access starts with zero trust. For organizations of all sizes that need to protect sensitive data at scale, Duo’s trusted access solution is a user-centric zero-trust security platform for all users, all devices and all applications. Duo has offerings to help you throughout your journey to a complete zero-trust security model. Our trusted access solution features everything you need to protect your applications and data at scale.

RedSeal’s network modeling and risk scoring platform is the foundation for enabling enterprises to be resilient to cyber events across public cloud, private cloud and physical network environments. A RedSeal network model helps customers validate their security posture, accelerate investigation and improve the productivity of their security and network teams.

Suki was designed by doctors for doctors to lift the burden of electronic health record (EHR) documentation. It enables physicians to focus on what they love—treating patients. Suki is artificial intelligence-powered and voice-enabled. It starts by helping lift the burden of medical documentation. Suki is at the beginning of an exciting journey to revolutionize health care technology, making it more thoughtful for doctors and patients alike.

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IIB Council provides premium training and certification on futuristic technologies such as Digital Marketing, Smart Project Management and Blockchain courses that industry employers need today to transform the way they do business.

AIMed was founded in 2014 by Dr Anthony Chang, a practising pediatric cardiologist, CIIO at CHOC children’s and world-renowned expert on artificial intelligence (AI) with the goal of bringing together clinicians, physicians, c-suite executives and technology experts so they can start a revolution in today’s Medicine and Healthcare for a data-smart tomorrow.

World Healthcare Journal is a new title, providing strategic insight into the development of policy and practice in international healthcare and life sciences. The publication offers truly independent insight on the big issues facing the world today.

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