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The innovation stage at Ai4 gathers leaders from the top AI startups to share how they are pushing our industry forward. This year, Microsoft’s venture fund M12 helped us find some incredible companies to share with you. Enjoy exploring the future of healthcare through these 10-minute pitch style presentations. You can see a few of their companies below, along with our other exciting startups that will be participating too.


Version-controlled data science

  • Customer pain point: Most data science teams are stuck in unproductive loops of juggling ad-hoc scripts and hacking their way through complex pipeline jungles.
  • Solution: Pachyderm is an open source data science platform that combines data lineage and end-to-end pipelines on Kubernetes, engineered for the enterprise.

Healthcare IT workflow, clinical collaboration and patient/clinician journey software

  • Customer pain point: In the backdrop of a standard provider-patient appointment, there are dozens of discrete tasks that need to take place: paperwork, data entry, follow-up scheduling. The varied processes create a minefield of potential mistakes and detract from time for patient care.
  • Solution: Powered by artificial intelligence and voice technology, ThinkAndor unlocks actionable intelligence from electronic medical record systems and delivers it to clinicians when and where they need it to make faster treatment decisions and improve patient outcomes.

Personalized precision medicine platform that provides photonics-based screening and stratification tools for neurodegenerative disease diagnosis

  • Customer pain point: Most patients recruited for clinical trials drop out due to invasive, expensive procedures (up to 90%, in Alzheimer’s clinical trials). Of those who stay, most are discarded by the study to optimize for the right biological profiles (up to 80%, in Alzheimer’s clinical trials). This slows down the study and increases costs per patient screening; most costs are spent on patients who create no value for the trial.
  • Solution: iLof uses AI and Photonics to collect from blood-derived fluids (serum, plasma), and various nano-scale biomarkers of different diseases (like proteins, peptides or exosomes), as well as personalized biological profiles of different types of patients.

RNA therapeutics drug development and licensing platform

  • Customer pain point: Current solutions for drug discovery using RNA-sequencing analytics are slow, taking up significant computer resources with no actionable insights for identifying therapeutically-relevant targets and biomarkers.
  • Solution: The Envisagenics platform accelerates development of RNA therapeutics. In only a few hours, Envisagenics identifies targets and biomarkers using AI algorithms with faster compute times.
Medcase health

Global marketplace of on-demand clinicians and healthcare data

  • Customer Pain Point: Customers face difficulties in finding and accessing clinicians and healthcare data at scale in multiple geographies for Ai data labeling, data enrichment,  workflows, telehealth, surveying or even clinical research in a compliant manner.
  • Solution: Medcase Health provides an on demand global marketplace in 20+ geographies of on-demand clinicians and AI ready healthcare data, solving scalability, compliance and different healthcare specialties with 1000’s of clinicians all within a HIPAA and GDPR. Medcase Health works with Fortune 50 clients and startups alike.

A Big Data, Cloud, and Advanced Analytics solutions company that instruments cognitive journeys for enterprises.

  • Abzooba assess the cognitive maturity of our customers’ processes and build smart solutions to infuse the power of cognition and insights into decisioning.
  • As a trusted Artificial Intelligence (AI) partner, Abzooba develops end-to-end AI solutions, delivering disruptive value. From data assimilation and transformation to AI Model deployment, we augment the digital transformation journey using our AI lifecycle management framework,
  • Headquartered in Milpitas, USA, with ISO 27001 certified development centers in Kolkata and Pune, India, Abzooba has been continuously delivering bleeding-edge AI solutions to more than 40 clients across retail, healthcare, banking, financial services, and manufacturing, for more than a decade.
Realyze Intelligence

Combines the latest in AI technology with clinical expertise

  • Realyze Intelligence combines the latest in AI technology with clinical expertise, interpreting a patient’s health record to provide deeper insights, improve workflows, and drive better outcomes for healthcare.
  • Realyze is backed by one of the largest health systems in the nation – UPMC. At UPMC, Realyze is being used for improving patient care, extending analytics capabilities, and supporting clinical research.
Realyze Intellligence