Gain key insights into how artificial intelligence is being implemented at the world’s largest brick & mortar retailers, eCommerce platforms, brands, CPG companies, suppliers & distributors, and top startups. With tracks available for both our business and technical audiences, there will be a talk for everyone, no matter your skill level.


In an industry already undergoing rapid change, retail and eCommerce have recently taken on new COVID-related challenges.  Learn how top companies & brands are adapting to the further escalated pace of progress. Use cases covered in this track include…

  • In-Store Experience
  • COVID-19 & AI
  • Pricing
  • And more!
Supply Chain

Supply Chains across industry are turning to AI for optimization. Real-time data, modeling, and automation has enabled operations teams to get a clearer picture of their supply chains and move the right amount of product from A to B like never before. Learn from supply chain leaders within Fortune 500 companies on how they’re leveraging AI. Topics include…

  • Intelligent Robotics
  • Inventory Management
  • Humanless Delivery
  • And more!
Marketing & Personalization

Marketing is undergoing an AI-driven revolution where every dollar is tied to data. Learn how senior marketers from Fortune 500 companies are leveraging AI to drive sales and delight customers. Topics include…

  • Conversational AI
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Recommender Systems
  • And more!

This track was designed for the data science community to expand their knowledge on AI in the retail, supply chain, and marketing industries. The following use cases of AI will be covered…

  • AI Platforms
  • NLP
  • Computer Vision
  • MLOps
  • End-to-End ML Production Processes
  • Building enterprise grade models
  • Overcoming training data challenges
  • And more!

This track consists of 10-minute pitches from the world’s top AI startups in the retail, supply chain, and marketing industries.