Speaker Lineup

Explore this year’s speaker lineup! Look forward to 100+ speakers from the world’s most innovative companies.

You can expect over 35 hours of content across 16 tracks and 10 digital stages! While it’s too much for any one person to experience, you’ll be able to personalize your agenda to ensure you learn exactly what you want. And don’t worry, all presentations are recorded and available after the conference.


The 2020 lineup contains speakers from finance, healthcare, cybersecurity, retail, telecom, energy & automotive.

Safiya Noble

Associate Professor, UCLA

Romy Hussain

Senior Director, Healthcare Economics and Data Science, Johns Hopkins Healthcare

Salahuddin Khawaja

Managing Director - Automation / Global Risk, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Gregory Brown

Chief Engineer/Scientist for the Advanced Technology Group, UPS

Matthew Zeiler

Founder and CEO, Clarifai

Aditi Saluja

Senior Data Scientist, T-Mobile

Bruce Duncan & Bina48

Managing Director, Terasem Movement and Android

Agus Sudjianto

EVP, Head of Corporate Model Risk, Wells Fargo

Ioana Boier

Head of Quantitative Portfolio Solutions, Alphadyne Asset Management

Andrew Feldman

Co-Founder and CEO, Cerebras Systems

Adam Gazzaley

Co-Founder and Chief Science Advisor, Akili Interactive

Chip Huyen

Engineer, Snorkel AI

Glynn Dennis

Sr. Director, Data Science & AI - AstraZeneca

Shyamala Prayaga

Product Owner - Autonomous Digital Assistant, Ford

Patrick Miller

Lead of Enterprise Machine Learning, Google

Vered Shwartz

Postdoctoral Researcher, Allen Institute For Artificial Intelligence

Greg Wilson

CISO, Pioneer Natural Resources

Stephen Wong

Chief Informatics Officer, Houston Methodist

Hod Lipson

Professor - Engineering & Data Science, Columbia University

Diego Oppenheimer

CEO & Co-Founder, Algorithmia

Sri Ambati

CEO & Co-Founder, H2O.ai

Tucker Balch

Managing Director - JP Morgan AI Research

Ameen Kazerouni

Head of ML/AI Research and Platforms, Zappos

Meera Das

Managing Director, AML Modeling and Machine Learning, BMO Financial Group

Xuan Cao

Data Scientist, Walmart Labs

Kathleen Breitman

Co-Founder, Tezos

Ylan Kazi

Vice President, Data Science & Machine Learning - UnitedHealth Group

Andrey Malevich

Engineering Manager, Technical Lead, Facebook

Marco Di Giacomo

Corporate Vice President, Consumer Products and Growth - Verizon

Patrick Huston

General, U.S Army

Joyonna Gamble-George

Co - Founder - SCIX

Sophia Saleem

Associate Medical Information Officer - Mount Sinai Health System

Srujana Kaddevarmuth

Director Data Science & Value Realization - Walmart Labs

Deba Sahoo

SVP, Head of Product for Customer Journeys - Fidelity Investments

Nitin Verma

VP, Digital Solutions: Technology - Staples

John Thompson

Global Head, Advanced Analytics & AI - CSL Behring

Richard Carriere

Senior Vice President and General Manager - Cyberlink

Prahlad Menon


Radha Sankaran

Executive Director, Advanced Analytics / AI & ML Driven Personalizaiton - Verizon

Vishal Sheth

Director, Transformation - New York-Presbyterian Hospital

Subhasis Bhattacharya

Head of Analytics - Supply Chain & Logistics - Wayfair

Anil Kumar

Executive Director – Systems Of Insights & AI/ML Innovation, Verizon

Phoebe Liu

Senior Data Scientist - Appen

Prakash Gatta

Surgeon, Esophageal Surgery - MultiCare Health System

Prabhakar Narasimhadevara

Director of Data Science - Stanley Black and Decker

Ryohei Fujimaki

CEO & Founder, dotData

Youngjun Choi

Senior Research Scientist - UPS

Satyam Priyadarshy

Managing Director, India Center+Technology Fellow+Chief Data Scientist - Halliburton

Venki Subramanian

VP of Product Management and User Experience, Reltio

Scott Klososky

Speaker | Writer | Consultant - Future Point of View

Salam Bani-Ahmed

Lead Engineer, Power Systems Cybersecurity - Eaton

Menno Van Der Eijk

Sr. manager Digital & eCommerce USA&Canada - Unilever

Deepthi Chandrasekaran

Lead Business Partner - Advanced Data & Analytics, National Grid

Nancy Ranxing Li

Director of Product, Edge Cloud Platform, COX

Ross Mitchell

Artificial Intelligence Officer, Moffitt Cancer Center

Tao Ma

VP of Language Technology Group, ASAPP

Enrico Santus

Senior Data Scientist, Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Carissa Merrill

Accessibility Consultant, U.S. Bank

Venu Vasudevan

Director, Data Science and AI Research - Procter & Gamble

Juan Ojea

Head of Research Group - Senior Director of R&D Engineering, Siemens

Timothy Persons

Chief Scientist and Managing Director, Science, Technology Assessment, and Analytics, Government Accountability Office

Song Zhang

Assistant Head for Experiential Learning, School of Mechanical Engineering - Purdue University

Pearl Lieberman

Head of Product Marketing - Superwise.ai

Sierra Fontana

Senior Experience Architect, U.S. Bank

Moe Bataineh

Lead Data Scientist - Humana

Mike King

Director, Data Governance, BNY Mellon - Informatica

Dr. Raul Villamarin Rodriguez

Assistant Professor of AI, ML, and Robotics, Woxsen University

Charles Givre

Vice President, Product Owner, Data & Analytics, Cybersecurity Technology & Controls, JPMorgan Chase

Chris Gerpheide

CTO, Bespoke

Martin Stanley

Senior Advisor for Artificial Intelligence - Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

Alexander Statnikov

Head of Data Science, Machine Learning and Automation, Square

Josh Tobin

Co-Founder, Stealth ML Startup

Max Bennett

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Bluecore

Subash Sundaresan

Founder and CEO, swarmin.ai

Lutz Finger

Group Product Manager, Google

Sergey Shayakhmetov

Co-Founder, AIVARIX

Gary Sztajnman

Lead Data Scientist - Experience Manager, Verizon

Amin Tora

Cybersecurity Analyst, ARAMCO

Anish Agarwal

Director - Director, Data & Analytics, India - NatWest Group

Daniel Bruce

Founder & CPO, Levatas

Franck Ardourel

Senior Marketing Principle, Workforce Strategy and Innovation - Amazon

Amir Mirbagheri

Data Scientist, AT&T

Shams Zaman

Principal Data Scientist, Verizon

David Marmor

Senior Data Scientist - Supply Chain Advanced Analytics, Unilever

Dipjyoti Das

Data Scientist, Duke Energy Corporation

Devin Krotman

Director, XPRIZE

Kane Sajdak

CO-Founder & CEO, HomeGuardian.ai

Rohan Goswami

Transplant Cardiologist, Mayo Clinic

Rudradeb Mitra

Founder, Omdena

Martin Zizi

CEO, Aerendir Mobile Inc.

Xenia Butova

Cardiovascular surgeon, AIVARIX

Ayodele Odubela

Data Scientist, SambaSafety

Tokologo Phetla

Managing Director, Christopher Africa

Juwel Rana

Head of Analytics, Varner

Meltem Ballan

Data Science Lead, General Motors

Ben Zweig

CEO, Revelio Labs

Chris Milligan

Factory 4.0 Coordinator, Nissan

Krzysztof Geras

Assistant Professor, NYU Center for Data Science

Ingrid Vasiliu Feltes


Arun Verma

Head of Quantitative Research Solutions, Bloomberg LP

Leslie Canavera

CEO, PolArctic LLC

David Talby

CTO, Pacific AI

Kierk Sanderlin

Head of Engineering Central US, Checkpoint

Anthony Chang

Chief Intelligence and Innovation Officer, CHOC Children's

Amarjot Singh

Founder and CEO, Skylark Labs

Brandon Rothrock

Senior AI Scientist, Paige

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