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NOV 16-17, 2020 | 1:00-4:00pm EDT | $275

Data Science Dash;  a visual and practical explanation of the data science process for all audiences.

This is the crash course you wish you had taken from day one; the highlight real of a 3-month immersive course compressed into 6 hours.

In the course, you will follow along with the instructor in a jupyter notebook through each phase of the data science workflow from data acquisition via databases and APIS, to machine learning model selection, tuning, and implementation using Sk-learn and deep learning.

As we introduce new phases and terminology, we will refer to an accompanying presentation that explains the “need to know” concepts surrounding the practical implementation. We will conclude our course with a methodological approach to data science project ideation and scoping and given this and your new data science workflow knowledge, you will be far better equipped to scope future data science projects of your own both personally and professionally.

This instructor has a unique visual and pragmatic learning approach that is sure to accelerate your cognitive leap from 2D excel spreadsheets to model training/tuning in N-dimensional space creating a better-connected overview of what a Data Science project is.

Whether you’re an analyst looking to make the leap to data scientist or executive or project manager wishing to better scope digital transformation initiatives – this course is sure to inspire and give you new skills and methodologies to carry with you. See you there!

what you'll learn
  • Engage with a jupyter notebook in the cloud
  • Introductions to various phases and skills necessary in the data science workflow including data acquisition via APIS and databases, visualization, machine learning modeling with sklearn, the bias variance tradeoff, cross validation, deep learning, etc..
  • Best practices for identifying key components that drive the success of machine learning projects


Business executives & managers

Skill level


  • None
COURSE environment
  • Cloud-based lab environment will be provided to students, all you need is access to a computer

Im Spencer Stebbins;  Head of Training at Ai4. In addition to my work at Ai4 facilitating enterprises with AI course development and deployment, I have worked previously with companies like General Assembly, NYCDSA, & Correlation One  both domestically and abroad and deliver thousands of hours of data science teaching to hundreds of participants from nearly ever industry and background.  Through this immense breadth of audience in my teaching experiences and my own personal learning journey,  I have found that many courses do not synthesize whats important in terms of process to learn versus what you topics you can learn on your own. This intro crash course is my effort to change that and to instead  inspire you with the data science process instead of be overwhelmed by it. I’ll see you there!

NoVEMBER 16th: 1:00-4:00PM
NoVEMBER 17th: 1:00-4:00PM