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Does Healthcare AI Meet Basic Ethics Principles?

Over the past decade we have noticed an exponential increase in the design, development and application of Augmented or Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiatives across many industries. Major thought leaders have […]

“Ask Me Anything” with Zappos’s Head of AI/ML Research & Platforms, Ameen Kazerouni

Ai4 recently hosted an “Ask Me Anything” session with one of our speakers, Ameen Kazerouni, on our Ai4 Slack Channel. Read the full transcription below… MODERATOR: Hello everyone! It’s a […]

Top AI Conferences

Interested in learning the latest in AI this year? We’ve compiled a list of the top artificial intelligence conferences in 2020. Artificial intelligence is transforming every industry and simplifying every-day […]

Securing Personal Data for AI/ML Computing in the Cloud

Overview In this presentation, Serge Vilvovsky, a Cyber Security and Big Data Engineer for MIT Startup Exchange, discusses some of the obstacles and solutions to protecting private and sensitive data […]

Secure Your Code Via AI

Introduction In this presentation Eliezer Kanal, a Technical Manager at CERT, talks about the possibilities involved with writing secure software that is not vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Developers have created many […]

Leveraging AI in Cybersecurity Risk Modeling & Mitigation

Introduction Originally, there was a poor understanding of why cyber breaches were happening. In the early 2000s, Verizon began developing standardized methodology for describing breach incidents. This helped to prioritize […]

Using AI to Build More Secure Software

Introduction MITRE‘s Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) list — nearly 150,000 incidents (and growing) — is a testament to the fact that building software that is resistant and resilient to […]

Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity: Math Not Magic

Introduction The field of cybersecurity has slowly progressed from an art to a science. It has been a long and complicated journey that is still punctuated by misunderstandings and lack […]

Life Hacks for Thrilling the Customer with Your Data Science Technical Summary Products

Overview Anne Lifton is a Manager of Data Science at Nordstrom and in this presentation gives her own life hacks that she has come up with through her experience working […]

Machine Learning for Pricing and Inventory Optimization @ Macy’s

Overview In this presentation a team of Data Scientists, Bhagyesh Phanse (VP), Jolen Mork (Senior DS), and Iain Stitt (DS), from Macy’s discuss the challenges and solutions reached in product […]

Machine Learning in Production: From Research to the Customer

Overview In this presentation Ameen Kazerouni, the Lead Data Scientist at Zappos, walks through the entire process of developing a proper machine learning process that can be scaled and deployed […]

Chatbot & Human-to-Human Transition

To be discussed: Chatbot benefits for a decade-old chat application, and how these sessions provide agents with improved customer interactions. The right mix for human hand-off and user expectations  The […]

We Need to Talk About AI Ethics

Introduction Linda leads the work on sustainable and ethical AI at H&M, including delving into such questions as “what does ‘responsible AI’ mean for a retail company?” and “what is […]

Using the Data You Have to Get the Data You Want

Introduction Points to Address: Looking at data not so much from a tech standpoint but from a process standpoint How can we use data from the back door to the […]

All About Time Series Modeling With Neural Networks

Overview In this presentation, Seth speaks to the details of   different types of time series and how to apply them to different problems experienced in the workplace. He covers […]

An Ensemble Approach to Predict Default Risk in Stress Testing

Overview This presentation discussed the importance of performing stress tests on financial models that are used to predict the term structure of corporate default probabilities. This is accomplished by using […]

AI & Beyond the Quant

Overview In this presentation, Victor Martinez talks about the complexities of properly applying machine learning algorithms to today’s financial markets. Primarily focusing on time series implementation and analysis, he differentiates […]

Model Development Strategies for Time Series Forecasting

Overview In this presentation, Jun Kim talks about leading a team of data scientists at American Express to create time series models to predict future financial trends. He focuses more […]

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Banking

Introduction Every company’s AI journey is different. We’re all trying to figure out how we use AI for our business or our productivity and development. We’re all on different paths […]

A Human and Machine Approach to Wealth Management

Chis Kovel Bio Chris works in Morgan Stanley’s IT department, helping to develop and enhance such digital technologies as data, analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, call center, intelligent agents and […]

AI/ML in Investment and Risk Management: Recent Applications, Use Cases, and Implementation Challenges

Introduction Investing is a completely different ballgame from many of the other applications where AI/ML has been spectacularly successful. It presents some unique challenges both to the data scientist and […]

Augmented Reality Guidance for Structural Heart Disease Interventions Using Deep Learning-Based Catheter Segmentation

Overview At the Dalio Institute of Cardiovascular Imaging, Sun-Joo Jang and his team have undertaken the task of using a mix of augmented and virtual reality to aid in cardiology […]

Machine Learning Platform at Mount Sinai Health Systems

Overview Prem Timsina and Arash Kia are part of a collaborative data science team at Mount Sinai whose goal is to bring the power of machine learning to clinicians in […]

What AI Will Bring to Medicine and Why Human Experts Are Here to Stay

Overview Hakima Ibaroudene discusses how she and her team at SwRI utilize the benefits of using AI in the medical field. Applying proper diagnoses is a tedious and complicated task […]

Advancements at Siemens Healthineers in AI for Medical Imaging

Siemens Healthineers background  Siemens Healthineers builds healthcare products and is one of the 5 largest med-tech companies in the world. It split off from its parent company, Siemens, about two […]

Unleashing the Power of AI on R&D: The Potential, The Pitfalls, The Progress

Intro to AstraZeneca R&D Here we see an end-to-end case study of how AI and ML come together in a single company. AstraZeneca is a global, researched-based pharmaceutical organization located […]

The Autonomous Pharmacy: Applying AI and ML to Medication Management Across the Care Continuum

Ken applies artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions to medication management.  Every year, almost half a trillion dollars are spent on medications in the United States. This includes […]

Figuring Out Applied ML: Building Frameworks and Teams to Operationalize ML at Scale

How do you operationalize machine learning at scale? How do you build your team and walk them through the process? Here, Dr. Lindahl shares his strategies for the most productive […]

Convergent AI in Reducing Overdiagnosis, Overtreatment, and Misdiagnosis

The current healthcare situation:  High-cost/low-quality healthcare is now a national crisis. The government is trying to make it right but is often making it worse.  The problem is partly socioeconomic; […]