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June 23 | 2:00PM ET

Growing eCommerce Sales with Individualized Promotions

eCommerce leaders today are facing intense competition, retail market saturation, economic downturns, and market volatility like never before. An obvious strategy to conquer the competition and to increase sales is using promotions to convert shoppers. However, there is an obvious catch in this tactic  –  excessive reliance on deep discounts, not only harms margins but can also hurt brand equity in the long term.

Delivering the right promotional offer to the right shopper at the right time is the goal. To do that effectively, retailers are increasingly relying on technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to leverage vast amounts of customer and behavioral data in real time. During this interactive roundtable we will discuss how to overcome these challenges, effectively and easily, use individualized promotions that can boost customer lifetime value and protect margins and brand perception.

Specifically, we will discuss the following:

  • Why is behavioral data the foundation of an effective promotion plan?
  • The role technology plays in the creation of the effective on-site promos
  • The benefits of an effective promotion strategy, including increased conversions, greater customer loyalty, and higher margins
  • How retailers are changing promotion strategies in a post-pandemic future?


2:00PM Eastern – 60 Minutes

  • Moderator: Aric Fux, VP of Strategic Sales, Namogoo

Intended Audience

  • Dir/Head/VP of Digital Marketing
  • Dir/Head/VP of Digital Transformation
  • Dir/Head/VP of eCommerce
  • Dir/Head/VP of Customer Experience
  • Dir/Head/VP of Merchandising
  • Chief Digital Officer
July 14 | 2:00PM ET

Accelerating AI Adoption in Financial Services With No-Code Platforms

As part of our on-going roundtable program where we provide business and technology leaders with a candid peer-to-peer learning environment, this roundtable discussion will explore new tools that are enabling AI projects within financial services to get off the ground faster and cheaper, without the need of data scientists. 

Historically, getting to production-level for an AI project can take months and require highly skilled teams (data scientists, ML engineers, etc.). With the growth of no-code platforms and more user-friendly tools, model building is evolving into a democratized process where non-data scientists can build AI applications in a fraction of the time. This trend also enables domain experts to play a larger role in the model building process, even for fairly complex NLP models using unstructured data, ensuring nuanced business decisions are made.  

This discussion will convene FSI business leaders to explore how financial services continues to adopt AI at a breakneck speed and the tools that are enabling this transformation.


2:00PM Eastern – 60 Minutes

  • Moderator: TBA

Intended Audience

  • Head of Innovation
  • VP of BI
  • Head of Digital Transformation
  • CDO
  • VP of Data Science
  • Director of Data Analytics
  • Head of Data Strategy
  • VP of Data Engineering
July 21 | 2:00PM ET

Loan Servicing: How Leaders Are Orchestrating Customer Conversations Post Pandemic

As part of our on-going roundtable program where we provide business and technology leaders with a candid peer-to-peer learning environment, this roundtable discussion will provide a Q3 2021 snapshot of the ways that lenders have evolved loan servicing throughout the pandemic. It’s been a tumultuous year filled with financial hardship, operational changes, and new technologies. Many facets of the loan servicing process are undergoing major change, from digital self-service tools, to chatbots, engaging customers on a variety of new channels.

This discussion will explore how the industry is continuing to provide a fast and frictionless loan servicing experience while reducing contact center burden, managing the shift to work from home, and supporting customers who continue to face financial challenges.


2:00PM Eastern – 60 Minutes

  • Moderator: Karen Oakland, Vice President, Industry Marketing, Smart Communications

Intended Audience

  • Senior loan servicing leaders
  • Head of Loan Servicing
  • EVP Consumer Servicing
  • SVP Servicing Operations
  • Head of Digital
  • Head of Contact Center / Call Center Operations
August 11 | 2:00PM ET

Transforming Mortgage Processing with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

During a time of dropping interest rates and all-time high mortgage application volumes, firms are struggling to deliver quick and seamless onboarding and service experience to their customers. These widespread uncertainties highlight the need for Artificial Intelligence and scalable digital infrastructure within the industry.

In fact, 55% of mortgage executives say AI will make their firm and the overall industry more competitive. These technologies can enable hyper-personalized customer experiences, reduce manual tasks, and improve long turn-around times – providing transparency to customers on the status of an application.

Join this interactive roundtable discussion to gain insight into how financial services firms are adopting Big Data Analytics, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to unleash the true potential of their workforce and revolutionize customer experience in the process.


2:00PM Eastern – 60 Minutes

  • Moderator: Bhaskar Kalita, Head – FSI, Quantiphi

Intended Audience

  • Business: Head of Business (Mortgage Underwriters), Chief underwriting officers
  • IT: CIO, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, VP of Data, Chief IT officers
  • Data Office: CDO/ CDAO, Head of Data
  • Head of Operations and Loan Processing Office

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