Exploring Artificial Intelligence
in Financial Services

March 3-4, 2021
taking place digitally

March 3-4 | Taking Place Digitally

Exploring Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services

PREVIOUS Attendees
PREVIOUS Attendees
What We Do

Over two days, the Ai4 2021 Finance Summit brings together business leaders and data practitioners to facilitate the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Join us at industry’s most impactful AI for finance event.

With a use-case oriented approach to content, our goal is to deliver actionable insights from those working on the frontlines of AI in the enterprise. We try to provide a common framework for thinking about what AI means to the financial services industry and to deliver content that progresses understanding at any stage of an organization’s AI journey. Welcome to our community!

Use Case
2021 Speakers

Over two days, the Ai4 2021 Finance Summit will welcome 30+ speakers from leading organizations. All of our speakers are actively involved in artificial intelligence and machine learning projects.

Agus Sudjianto

EVP, Head of Corporate Model Risk - Wells Fargo

Scott Aaronson

Centennial Professor of Computer Science - The University of Texas

Lee McAdoo

Managing Director, Business Transition - TD Ameritrade

Tiffany Perkins-Munn

Managing Director - BlackRock

Andrew Green

Managing Director and Lead XVA Quant - Scotiabank

Salahuddin Khawaja

Managing Director, Automation, Global Risk - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Kathryn Hume

Head - Borealis AI, RBC

Prashant K Dhingra

Managing Director - JPMorgan Chase

Peng Cheng

Head of Machine Learning Strategies, Global Research - JPMorgan Chase

Marina Kaganovich

Director, Corporate and Institutional Banking - BNP Paribas

Hamdan Azhar

Vice President, Research, Analytics & Data - BlackRock

Julian Warszawski

Vice President Engineering - Goldman Sachs

Raul Rodriguez

Managing Director, Innovation Accelerator - Charles Schwab

Yevgen Kravets

SVP, Principal Architect - BNY Mellon

Milos Maricic

President - Altruist League

Ea-Ee Jan

Machine Learning Senior Manager - Goldman Sachs

Suhas Sreehari

Artificial Intelligence Scientist - Wells Fargo

Glenn Fung

Chief Machine Learning Research Scientist, AI & Machine Learning Research & Innovation Director - American Family Insurance

Stefan Klauser

Co-Founder & CEO - aisot

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We focus on the top use cases of AI. See below for a summary of the topics covered.

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The Ai4 2021 Finance Summit welcomes 30+ speakers over two days. We denote all content as either technical and non-technical so you don’t end up in the wrong place.

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I really enjoyed meeting everyone at the conference. What a fabulous mix of executives and technologists you’ve convened!

Head of Stress Testing, TD Securities

I loved it! I gained a high-level perspective on how AI is impacting the industry. Can’t wait to come back next year.

VP, JPMorgan

I gained specific insights into how my peers and competitors are leveraging AI & ML. Great show!

VP & Senior AI Architect, Bank of America

After learning more, I’m confident that investing more resources into our AI projects will lead to big impacts both operationally and on the bottom line.

VP – Risk Functions Audit, Signature Bank

We found the Ai4 event to be professionally organized, well attended and with abundance of high-quality market leaders and speakers.

CEO, Lucena Research

The audience was amazing.

Marketing Director, Element AI

The Ai4 Finance conference was held amid the rise of automation, software and computer-driven “quant” funds. Several companies, private institutions, and researchers are interested in building a greater level of trust between humans & machines through transparency in artificial intelligence.

Wall Street Journal

It was a great conference, well worth it. I did some phenomenal networking. Really awesome stuff. I learned a lot.

SME, PureStorage
About Ai4

Ai4 is the organizer behind industry’s most impactful AI events. By gathering leaders of enterprise from across industry, government organizations, disruptive startups, investors, research labs, academia, associations, open source projects, media and analysts, we are creating the largest and most influential arena for idea-sharing, AI-related commerce, and technological progress.

Our mission is to help provide a common framework for what AI means to both enterprise and the future of our globe as we transition into a new era of responsible human-machine collaboration.